Fine foods and beautiful wines.
Relaxing in the sun with a stunning view.

Enjoy a glass of wine on our veranda, share a meal with your family or friends. You can even have a romantic dinner under the trees, everything is possible.

We offer honest meals of the day to share with your party. For example as a starter a wooden board with different kinds of delicacies to taste and share. The main course varies every day depending on the season and what the chef has found on the market. We cook meat, fish and also have a vegetarian option

If you have any special wishes, please inform us beforehand so we can prepare what you prefer. We can make vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc. meals.

For children we have a separate adapted menu of the day.

Due to the open structure of “Les Tables de Bassiviere” inside and outside are connected. This makes it possible for the children to play outside on the hidden playgrounds while you enjoy the peace and quietness of the veranda inside, with huge sliding windows.

Lunch is a fix menu with differents plates to share . It changes regulary.

This winter we have themed evenings, where you can dine in a homely atmosphere by the wood stove.


Please make your reservation or 0680763663


WEDNESDAY  18.30 – 23.00

FRIDAY 18.30 – 23.00

SATURDAY  18.30 – 23.00

   SUNDAY 12.00-15.00 |  18.30-23.00


TUESDAY  12.00 – 14.00   |   18.30 – 23.30
WEDNESDAY  12.00 – 14.00   |   18.30 – 23.30

FRIDAY  12.00 – 14.00   |   18.30 – 23.30
SATURDAY  12.00 – 14.00   |   18.30 – 23.30
SUNDAY  12.00 – 14.00   |   18.30 – 23.30